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The Airsign Advantage

We Have PowerWe Have Power

We Have Power

Our powerful suction sets us apart, giving your floors a deep clean and capturing things like skin particles, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen as well as other indoor pollutants. Our power sucks up what you can see, and everything else you don't.

HEPA 14 FiltrationHEPA 14 Filtration

HEPA 14 Filtration

We use HEPA-14 filtration that filters out 99.995% of harmful airborne particles like bacteria, mold, pollen and dust. We've combined HEPA with a sealed system on the vacuum making sure the air that comes out of the vacuum is totally clean. Our filter replacement works like you're swapping a cassette tape, uses a charcoal layer, and is almost entirely paper based.

Canisters CanCanisters Can

Canisters Can

Since our design is a canister vacuum, it rolls with you as you vacuum. This allows for the vacuum to be light-weight in use, and for way more flexible cleaning. These are trade-offs that we researched again and again, finding that it's way better for the cleaning experience. The wheeled canister also allows for extra power, filtration and a quieter sound since it's in a conveniently sealed box.

It's In The BagIt's In The Bag

It's In The Bag

We know you're probably wondering why you would need a vacuum bag. Well there are quite a few reasons. They act as a filter, keeping most of the particles from getting into your vacuum and your air. They're so much easier to swap out than the clunky clear chambers you see on other vacs. Our AirBags can be changed in literally seconds and they're biodegradable too. They're also much more hygienic, our AirBags lock, keeping dust out of your face and lungs. Lastly, they extend the life of the appliance, making sure your vacuum works for longer.

Environmentally MindedEnvironmentally Minded

Environmentally Minded

Airsign's HEPA vacuum is made of 20% recycled plastic, making it the cleanest cleaner on the market. And its biodegradable bags means it leaves no waste behind. We also designed the product to be repairable and it's engineered to last a long time.

We also use recyclable aluminum where possible. We avoided using glue, painted parts and permanent snap fits so that this product can be easily repaired or recycled at end of life. This vacuum is truly designed with the environment in mind.

Engineered To LastEngineered To Last

Engineered To Last

We designed and engineered for this vacuum to last as long last as possible. Using premium parts and well engineered construction, this vacuum should stand the test of time. From the motor, to the wheels, it's all about reliability. We also made sure the product will be repairable, either by us or a repair shop. Because we avoided glue and permanent snap fits it is fully disassemblable by a technician.