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Building the powerful future of clean.

Our MissionOur Mission

Our Mission

The tools we make are grounded in a few core beliefs.

  1. Function doesn’t need to come at the expense of form. We believe products should work great, look great and be affordable for all.
  2. A poorly designed product uses up even more time, energy and materials than a well-designed one. So we make it right the first time. The world cannot afford to be wasteful.
  3. We are committed to making the best possible product while using the fewest resources possible. It’s something we’re proud of, inside and out.
Our VisionOur Vision

Our Vision

This is just the start.

Our vision is to create products for the home that are simple, beautiful and affordable. The vacuum was begging to be improved. So we researched, interviewed, studied and tested until we created one that doesn’t just keep dirt up at night—it challenges the idea of what a vacuum can be.

Maybe we’re just radical, but we’ll keep moving from room to room until everything in the home is just as it should be.

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