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Made of nearly 100% biodegradable materials, our AirBags return your dirt to the earth.

  • Biodegradable. Return your dirt to the earth.
  • Dust-Locking Tab. Keeps dust trapped for the cleanest cleanup possible.
  • Easy to Change. Installs seamlessly into the bag slot.
  • AirBag & HEPA Filter Subscription  Best Value

    55.00 35.00 USD

    • USD / Every 6 Months
  • AirBags

    20.00 USD


Only Clean is Clean

We consider the lifespan of every product, right down to our dustbags. They’re easy to install and remove, and made of nearly 100% biodegradable, unbleached paper so they’re better for you and the planet.

Leave No Waste Behind

Our bags are designed to leave almost zero footprint. It’s part of our pledge to create environmentally sustainable products that use as little plastic as possible while keeping your home as clean as possible.

Extra Filtration

Why vacuum bags? Because they are better at capturing harmful particles in the air. Working in tandem with our HEPA-14 filtration, our bags make sure the air coming out of your vacuum is cleaner than what went in.

New Bag, No Problem

We’ll remind you when you’re running low on bags in time to arrive by the next time your home needs to be cleaned.

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